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How to fire an employee

If you have done all the help for your problematic employee but nothing has changed. Companies rely on teamwork to be productive and successful, good managers will do all they can to guide and motivate the employees but if the employee is not improving, then it is time to let go of him/her. Here are some tips on how to fire an employee:

  1. Documentation of Everything-

As soon as you feel that you want to fire a member of your team, then start documenting him/her and also compile all the communication with and about the employee. It also includes email exchanges, performance evaluations, and coaching session of the employee.


  1. Communicating Your Concerns-

If there is an employee who is in danger of losing his/her job, should be told as much and also given the opportunity to adjust his/her behavior or performance in the company. The employee must be informed that there is a problem the moment it is seen in the firm. Meet the team member personally and make sure to communicate your concerns. Make sure to list specific issues and to outline the improvements that are expected. Discussing the specific issues will keep the conversation on the topic and also provides a way to measure the changes in the employee’s performance after the meeting.

  1. Protecting Your Business-

If you feel you have given the employee all the chances to improve and have not seen any improvements or appropriate changes, then it is time to let go of the employee. Before taking it further make sure that the reason for firing does not violate the state or federal laws. Bring together all the documentation mentioning the employee’s poor performance which includes details on the reason behind firing the employee and also the steps taken to coach the employee. The documentation is not be provided to the employee but should be kept to defend your decision to fire him/her. Whatever may be your relationship with the employee, there is no way to predict how they will react to being fired. To keep the business safe make sure that you do not leave any room for accusations of unfair dismissal.


  1. When You’re Ready to tell-

Once you are ready with all the necessary documents, set a time to meet with the employee. Waiting to tell the employee at the end of the day or week is common but it is best to tell the employee as soon as you are ready. During me the meeting is direct and make sure to focus on the facts, if you have done everything to help then the terminations shouldn’t be a surprise to the employee. A job termination is an emotional experience for all involved in a firm, so by keeping the conversation short and on point can avoid it to become overly emotional.

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