5 Things To Consider When Booking Wedding Photography Sydney
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5 Things To Consider When Booking Wedding Photography Sydney

5 Things To Consider When Booking Wedding Photography Sydney

There’s a lot to organise when you’re preparing for what very well may be the biggest day of your life, but selecting quality wedding photography Sydney can take at least some of the stress off your plate. You’re going to want the memories from your special day to last a lifetime so it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to who will be doing your wedding photography sydney, that’s why today we’re looking at five things to consider when booking someone:

What Style Of Images You Want

First and foremost you need to consider what type of imagery you’re looking to have captured. Gone are the days where everything had to be perfectly posed and done to a strict list of how things should be, so feel free to let your imagination run wild here. Once you’ve made that decision it’ll be a lot easier to find the right wedding photography Sydney as you’ll be able to base your search on the style of image that you’re looking for.

Whether You Will Receive Only Still Images Or If There Is An Option To Have Video Too

Next up you’ll need to think about whether you only want still imagery or if you’d also like to have some videography done on your big day. This will further help narrow your search as only certain companies that offer wedding photography Sydney will also be able to take and edit video.

What Is Included In Your Package

Wedding photography Sydney

Now you’ve got a better idea of the type of wedding photography Sydney that you’re looking for and your list of potential providers has been narrowed down, it’s time to start thinking about what will be included in your package. As every company will have different packages, this is where you can start cutting people out of the potential pool based on your budget as each and every provider of wedding photography Sydney will offer different packages and inclusions within your price range.

Whether Your Chosen Artist Will Cover Both The Ceremony And Reception

This point is kind of linked to the above but it’s worth noting it separately as when people think of inclusions, their minds often simply go to how many edited images will be provided, whether they will be printed, digital or a combination and how much video they will receive. Another important point to consider, however, is whether your chosen artist will cover both the ceremony and the reception. This won’t be too much of an issue if you’re having them back to back at the same location, but if you’re having the ceremony earlier in the day at one venue, and then moving to another for the reception and celebrations, it’s always a good idea to check up front whether the company that you choose for your wedding photography Sydney will be happy to accommodate this.

Your Budget

Finally, now that your list has been referenced and refined, it’s ok to select your preferred provider for your wedding photography Sydney based on your budget. You never want to bring your budget into things up front, as simply selecting the cheapest option probably isn’t going to give you the results you desire. This doesn’t mean that the most expensive provider is necessarily the best, it just means that you want to keep your options open. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, however, you should be fairly happy with whichever decision you make, so it’s perfectly acceptable to select the option from your shortlist that best aligns with what you’re looking to spend.

Consider these five factors when selecting your wedding photography Sydney and you’ll be well on your way to a less stressful portion of the planning process – congratulations!

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