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6 Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

When it comes to a wedding, there are few people who draw as much attention as the little lady – hence why choosing the right flower girl dresses is so important! Small, sweet and perfectly adorable, audience members can’t help but smile as they watch her wander down the aisle with petals in hand.

Shopping for flower girl dresses with a young one in your life is a great way to bond with her (and indulge your inner child). Make sure you choose something that she loves and feels special wearing. Use these expert tips to help your little attendant shine at your wedding.


Factor in the season

Make sure you shop for styles which will work for the season your wedding is in. If you are having a wedding in spring or summer, opt for short sleeves or sleeveless flower girl dresses as this will help keep her cool. For cold-weather weddings, you may want to choose a longer sleeved option, or add tights and/or a fur wrap or shawl to keep her warm.


Choose a complementary style and colour

While flower girl dresses don’t have to be the same colour as the bridal party’s frocks, it’s a good idea to pick a complementary colour that ties into the aesthetic of the wedding. Soft blues and pinks tend to suit white bridal parties, for instance.

Feel free to get creative with your choice of style, letting the young one have a say in which style she likes best. You may even want to let your young one wear a smaller version of your own gown to make her feel extra special. Note that a full skirt, often puffed up with tulle, is the most popular option thanks to its “princessy” look.


Choose an age-appropriate length

cute flower girls

The two main length options for flower girl dresses are floor-length and tea-length (slightly below the knee). Tea-length styles are suitable for younger children as they won’t drag on the floor and cause a tripping hazard. Floor-length styles are an elegant option which suit older children. High necklines are ideal for children.


Select the right fabric

Your choice of fabric can have consequences on comfort and style. Avoid cheaper fabrics like polyester which can be stiff or itchy – you don’t want your little one to be uncomfortable! It’s best to invest in a higher quality material like satin, which is not only comfortable but is wrinkle and tear-resistant, too. Chiffon, tulle and organza are good options for layering and accents. Note that silk, whilst comfortable, can tear easily.


Buy a size up

Don’t worry about finding the perfect fit – unlike the bridal gown, flower girl dresses don’t have to be form-fitting. Kids tend to be more sensitive to uncomfortable clothes, and they are likely to grow a bit before the day of your wedding, so try to buy a slightly larger size than her current size. You won’t need to get her measurements done – save that for the bridesmaids!


Order close to the wedding date

While with most wedding attire it’s recommended that you order months in advance, flower girl dresses are the one thing worth waiting for. It’s a good idea to order them as close to the date of the wedding as possible to reduce the risk of the frock not fitting on the day.



Shopping for flower girl dresses is arguably one of the most fun parts of the wedding experience. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when choosing your young one’s frock and you’re bound to find one that she loves.

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