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Mural artist while working on a street art

A Few Shining Examples Of How A Mural Artist Changed The World

What do you think of when you hear the word mural artist? Is it a person who paints grandiose portraits or political messages, someone who designs colourful and vivid paintings, or someone who can use their creativity to brighten up an otherwise drab environment? Regardless of what your thoughts are on a professional mural artist, one thing is for certain: they have been changing the world.

The humble mural artist has been around since ancient times and has been used as a way to tell stories and convey messages that people may not be able to read in other formats.

Sadly though, it appears to be a dying breed, with digital works taking over the physical realm in terms of artistry, merit, and attention. This article highlights some famous examples of a mural artist making a space look beautiful and inviting, reminding the ones who stumble upon them of the inherent beauty that can be attained with a stroke of genius and a lot of paint.

Some Famous Examples

Throughout the history of the world, there have been examples of a mural artist making his or her mark on the world around them. From ancient civilizations brandishing their artistry upon a clear and drab canvas, to modern-day examples where a spray paint can, and an old piece of scaffolding became a work of art.

The Berlin Wall

Once considered to be a blight and representation of division in our time, the Berlin wall has become a mecca of sorts for a mural artist to have a chance at reforming the meaning of the wall itself. As such, creators from all over the world began to use what was once a monument of division and hatred as an opportunity for unity and peace. A mural artist became a symbol of freedom from a repressive past.

One mural artist in particular has become synonymous with this example of using passion to bring about positive change on walls that were built out of hate and war, Audrey Kawasaki. A Japanese-born mural artist who travelled halfway across the world to make her mark on one of history’s most infamous symbols, it is no wonder why she is held up by many people within the modern art community as a shining example.


It’s not just the wall that has become a paradise for the humble mural artist, the city itself has commissioned a number of creators to come and beautify various spaces. An example of just how successful the concept can be, is “Berlin’s Mile”. A stretch of road that was once filled with graffiti tags has now become a historical landmark within the city itself, thanks in part to those who have taken it upon themselves to make this space look beautiful.

Sao Paulo

One of Brazil’s most densely populated cities is Sao Paulo. With all the hustle and bustle going on around you at any given moment, sometimes taking an afternoon stroll through one of its many parks seems like more effort than it’s worth for what amounts to very little reward. However, if there is a mural artist about then these walks may prove far more interesting as they are all decorated with wonderfully detailed works. This is certainly the case in one of its most well-known parks – Ibirapuera Park, which contains many examples painted along various walls and buildings throughout.

Yes, the profession may seem a little old fashioned by digital standards, but there is no chance that the same impact that we’ve seen in cities like Berlin or Sao Paulo would have occurred if not for the artistry that branded them.

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