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Choosing The Best Family Lawyer in Sydney

Individuals who are coming out of a relationship are faced with the grueling task of finding a family lawyer with experience in Sydney. During these times it is common to feel broken and exhausted but you need to gather up your strength and put some real effort into finding a lawyer that will help you through it.

Not only is it vital that you choose a lawyer with the right skillset but it is also important that you find a professional that you will be able to work well with. Choosing the right family lawyer in Sydney will make the process a lot easier for your mental health and will also give you and your case the best chance for success.

Finding a good attorney at the best of times can be difficult so we have compiled some useful tips when you are on your search. Following these steps will give you the best chance of landing a professional that you can trust and confide in.



Find potential attorneys

Since you are looking for a family lawyer in Sydney you already know what category of law you should be investigating for potential attorneys. To find your potential representation you have a couple of avenues that you can explore to help you find some reliable professionals. A great way to get your search started is to ask your professional acquaintances, friends and family for recommendations. If they have been in a similar situation to you they would have also had to find a family lawyer in Sydney. Their experience along with their feedback will definitely help you get started and what you should be looking for in a lawyer.

With the internet being a rapidly growing industry for businesses you will be able to find several different firms advertising their services through search engine results. All you simply have to do is Google¬†“family lawyer in Sydney” and you will be bombarded with hundreds of results. To find the best match for you, look at their experience and their social media channels. People vent honestly about their experiences on social media so you will be able to get a good indication of what it is like to work with that firm or individual.


Make a list of your potential candidates

Keeping a list of all the firms and professionals that you could see yourself working with is helpful for when you need to make a final decision. Be sure to include their name, number, address and website on your list. Excel spread sheets are the best way to organize all of the details neatly and in an easy to read format.


Make an appointment with the attorneys on your list

After you have reviewed your list your next step is to make an appointment and meet with them in person. Usually family lawyer in Sydney offer free initial consultations so you can sit down and see if you would feel comfortable working with them. The lawyer will take this opportunity to get the details of your case and pitch a potential strategy if they feel like it is relevant.

You should also be using this consultation to ask them questions so you can gain a better insight into what they are like as a professional. Here are some common and effective questions that most people tend to ask.

  • What is your pricing structure and fee agreement?
  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • Have you specialised in family splits that whole time?
  • Have you represented a case similar to mine?
  • What was the end result and what would you have done differently?
  • What is your availability and how do I reach you?
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