Choosing the Best Flat Weave Wool Rugs
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Choosing the Best Flat Weave Wool Rugs

Choosing the Best Flat Weave Wool Rugs

Flat Weave Wool Rugs originated in Turkey and areas of Persia during the 7th century as home decorations boasting intricate designs acknowledging different tribes and ancestry. Today, Flat Weave Wool Rugs are a highly popular choice for every home now blending European and middle eastern influences to create patterns that vary from geometrical repetition to stylish lines or complex colours. These rugs are not only wonderfully appealing to the eye, but they are also versatile and durable, lightweight, and able to be reversed because they are woven on a loom and therefore have no knots or interruptions to their complete weave.

Why Choose Flat Weave Wool Rugs?

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are the perfect adornment for homes in our warmer Australian climate yet still remain suitable for colder winter months. The choice of a flat woven rug over a pile or shag rug, or sheepskin is made for a number of reasons including:

  • Versatile and Lightweight
  • Durable and Easily Maintained
  • Suitable for any Room  with Unlimited Choice of Patterns and Colours
  • Comfortable and Affordable in Many Sizes

Why are Flat Weave Wool Rugs So Versatile?

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are created as one entire piece on a loom, and therefore they have no pile or backing and are reversible. The choice of wool is a top-of-the-line fibre for all seasons and the overall completeness of these rugs makes them versatile, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Woven flat rugs can be folded and put away when needed, or placed in different rooms, or even hung against walls as an art decoration. Woven wool rugs can be shaken outside to remove dust and particles, and they are still hefty enough to provide a non-slipping surface on tile or wood.

Why are Flat Weave Wool Rugs So Durable?

Flat weave wool rugs to buy

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are highly durable creations because wool fibre itself takes 50 years to biodegrade and the tightness of the weave of these rugs makes them resistant to damage and wear and tear. Flat wool rugs can be easily washed to remove stains, can be placed in busy areas of the home because they handle high traffic with strength and safety, and provide warmth in winter, and cool lightness in summer.

Because of the tight weave and the wool fibre, Flat Weave Wool Rugs also absorb sound, and they won’t slip on wood or tiled surfaces. These wonderful adornments of flat woven wool will retain their colours and their durability for a lifetime if properly maintained and cared for.

Why are Flat Weave Wool Rugs Suited to Any Room?

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are like an artist’s canvas when it comes to intricate patterns and designs, therefore they are suitable for any room in any type of home. A flat wool rug of bright colours and geometrical design can lighten a room that is particularly dark or doesn’t get sunlight. A rug with earthy tones and wave-like patterns is perfect for rooms of tiled surfaces and wide window views. And a well-chosen rug can complement the decor of any room and match colour themes and furniture styles.

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are suitable for rooms of wood flooring, tiled surfaces, or even carpeted rooms. These rugs can cover up imperfections on floors and even on walls as they can be used as decorative wall hangings. And they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Smaller Flat Weave Wool Rugs can be used as runners in hallways and entrances, and larger area rugs can be used to cover nearly the entire surface of a lounge or recreation room.

Flat Weave Wool Rugs are the most popular choice for modern and traditional homes, and their affordable prices make them items of pleasure and leisure that far outweigh their cost. Not only are Flat Weave Wool Rugs adornments to a home, they are also symbols of personal taste and style, so, make sure you visit a store today and find that perfect rug for your contemporary lifestyle.

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