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Do You Need Non Profit Organization Software?

Looking for a non profit organization software solution? Charitable organisations can be highly complex and often need to track a lot of information. With tight budgets and often small staff numbers, it’s important to get work completed as efficiently as possible and to minimise complexity in order to avoid spending time unnecessarily on admin tasks and tracking. Non profit organization software often includes clever features for fundraising management, event management and accounts. You might also find features like donor and volunteer management, social media management and more available. Here are a few reasons to consider non profit organization software, and what you should look for in a software solution.

They make it easier to fundraise

A big part of running a charitable organisation is managing fundraising. Often these types of institutions are reliant on funds being raised by generous donors. These kinds of fundraising efforts involve a lot of moving parts and can be very complex to manage. If you’re finding that you’re tracking and planning these kinds of fundraising efforts across a lot of different programs then you’re very quickly going to find that you’re losing time to inefficient practices. Manual or non integrated practices can add a lot of unnecessary time and stress to trying to get fundraising efforts off the ground. Non profit organization software can make the vital fundraising process much easier to manage. Best of all, managing fundraising with non profit organization software can make outreach easier and can help you to grow your fundraising efforts and reach new people.

Donor management

Non profit organization software can help companies to centrally manage donors. Many companies will keep donor lists manually and find it hard to track those who are giving to the cause. Charities can boost donations by tracking and communicating with their donor lists at the right moments and so this is well worth investing in.

Volunteer management

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Many charitable companies are very reliant on volunteers to help them manage operations. Keeping track of volunteer time and volunteer requirements can be very time consuming and can cut into how much time these organisations have to manage other core functions. Having a system in place that can track this kind of information could dramatically reduce time spent on managing volunteer work and will provide more time for organisations to focus on their most important work and charitable functions.

Event management

Many charities often run events to raise awareness about their cause. Managing these kinds of events can be very time consuming and complicated. Having an all-in-one software solution in place can help with tracking costs and managing the event.

What to look for?

Before you choose new non profit organization software, you should look into some important factors. Firstly, you’ll want to check what the interface and features are like. Will it meet your needs or is it missing something important that you need? Many of the off-the-shelf solutions available have the features that charities require, but larger enterprises may want to consider a custom solution. You may also want to check costs; most charities will be on a strict budget and so it’s important to find a cost-effective solution.

Before settling on new software, you should also look into what the pre-sales and after-sales customer support is like. Will they be able to help you set things up and onboard your operations onto the system or will you need to install and integrate it yourself? Will you be able to call them for support after purchasing? You should also find out how scalable it is? Can you add new features further on down the road as the charity grows.

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