How To Select The Perfect Balustrade in Perth
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How To Select The Perfect Balustrade in Perth

How To Select The Perfect Balustrade in Perth

When renovating, installing balustrade perth is a great way to level up the aesthetics, safety, and even the value of your home. A common architectural element in classical homes, these ornate barriers are making a comeback in a big way thanks to the variety of design options available and the safety benefits they offer for second floor landings, balconies and staircases. Today we’ll be exploring how to select the balustrade perth so read on for some interior design inspiration:


The first thing you’re going to need to determine when selecting a balustrade perth is the purpose that it will serve. An installation designed to keep people safe on a balcony, for example, will have different requirements to an ornamental indoor addition. The strength of materials, requirements for thickness of your balustrade perth and other factors will all be impacted by this so it is important that this is the first step in your purchasing process.


Once you’ve got a clear idea of the purpose that your balustrade Perth will serve, it’s time to think about the height that you’d like. As a general rule, you’ll be looking at going for waist height at least but if you’re aiming to receive design benefits as well, you may wish to vary the height that you select. Shorter balustrade perth mixed with sections that are higher, for example, provide you with extra space to grow a vertical garden while also creating the impression of your space being taller than it actually is.


Balustrade Perth

The next thing you’re going to need to consider is the material that you would like your balustrade perth to be made out of. For exterior installations such as around a balcony, strengthened glass is a great idea for those wishing to maintain their view, while wood or metal are wonderful bases for growing plants or hanging other decorations. By the same token, those looking for balustrade perth that would suit an interior staircase need to consider how the material will fit in with the rest of their room.


This is where you get to have some fun. The design of your balustrade perth can be as simple or complex as you wish, although you will want to keep the rest of your interior in mind if you’re making an indoor installation. Exterior installations provide more freedom when it comes to your design as outdoor spaces tend to have their own unique vibe unless you’re deliberately creating a space that flows through. We particularly love ornate installations for staircases as they can add a touch of elegance to your space but the possibilities here are pretty much endless.


Finally, maintenance requirements should be part of your consideration process when selecting any safety features or design elements. It’s all well and good, for example, to have a lovely glass border around your balcony, but if you don’t clean it regularly, it isn’t going to look as nice. By the same token, wood and metal fixtures will most likely need to be resealed every so often to ensure that they can continue to stand up to the elements. Indoor installations won’t tend to require as rigorous of a maintenance schedule, but they will still require appropriate care if you want them to stay in top shape for years to come.

When it comes to elements that provide both practical and aesthetic purposes, things need to be considered a little more carefully than if you’re selecting an item to add to your home purely because you feel it will make it look nicer. Make sure you consider all of the points in this article when purchasing balustrade perth and always have installation completed by a registered professional.

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