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Woman holding a bong

Importance Of Using Bongs

Bongs are not new to the market as they have been in existence for centuries. It’s just recently, however, that their popularity shot through the roof among the smoking community. This is mainly because most of the water filtration systems were upgraded to improve the way one smokes. Using a bong to smoke dry herbs has proven to be the healthiest way. It delivers a smooth smoking experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

For years, bongs have taken different forms and shapes and are used in various parts of the world. Originally, the word bong is derived from ‘baung’ a Thai word used to describe a cylindrical bamboo pipe that enables the smoking of hashish, Kancha, or hemp-plant products. Read on to find out more about using a bong.

Types of Bongs

Bongs, at a glance, are a little intimidating because of the bubbles in the water, the enormous smoke chambers, and huge bowls. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to try. At first, a bong might be difficult to use, but you can begin enjoying smoother clouds from it with little practice. Given the years of evolution, bongs come in various forms to suit different types of smoking styles.

Standard bong is the one that uses water for filtering the smoke out.

Ice bong cools the smoke to enable much smoother hits.

Recyclers are those that utilize two chambers that cool the smoke from herbs.

Percolators allow for extreme cooling as well as filtration.

Benefits of using a bong

Smoother Hits

Man with smoke coming out from his mouth

Regular cannabis smoking is said to be harmful because it irritates the throat in the process. During inhalation of dry pipes, joints, and blunts, the smoke directly goes to the lungs and creates a nasty burning sensation which often inhibits newbies from smoking. However, the smoke is cooled down in the water with a bong before it gets to you, ensuring a smoother hit. It is safer and healthier to use a bong rather than regular dry pipes.

Excellent Filtration

Carcinogens are usually generated from smoke. You ingest more carcinogens when smoking directly. Nevertheless, using a bong, most harmful elements are well filtered through the water before getting to your lungs.

Additionally, water sieves ash and tar, which are smoking byproducts, and ensures you get a cleaner experience using a bong.

Bacteria and Mold

Bongwater, as mentioned, sieves out visible substances for a cleaner experience. What’s even better is that it also reduces the number of microorganisms you inhale by trapping bacteria and mold.

Bigger Hits

The reason why experienced stoners prefer bongs is that they deliver massive hits. Here, the container is filled up with as much smoke as you want and taken all in one hit. This whole massive rip may not be as healthy, but it’s sure as hell exciting. You just need a few hits from a bong to get you to the clouds.

Easy and Fun to Use

It only takes a few hits for you to become a bong master. It is created in a way that ensures easy rips which makes it fun to use. Also, bong manufacturers make them exciting by incorporating different colors and shapes to suit various styles. Cleaning the bongs is as easy as using them.

How to Use a Bong

First, you fill it with water according to the type and size. You can get the water slightly above the downstems.

Secondly, use an herb grinder or fingers to grind the dry herbs to avoid them from clogging your bowl.

Thirdly, place your herbs into the bong bowl and ensure they are firm but not as tight to allow for airflow.

Lastly, light the bowl with your mouth tightly sealed in the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke. Stop lighting once you get the right hit.

Bongs are devices that enable easy and healthier smoking compared to others on the market. They have built a reputation over the years for being safe for both newbies and experts. That said, it is ideal to invest in one of them to get smoother and cleaner hits.

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