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Kangen water filter replacement

Kangen Water Filter Replacement Basics

Before we delve into the basics of Kangen water filter replacement, it is important to know more about the mechanisms involved. People are beginning to explore ionized water because of the advantages it confers on the body. However, you need a Kangen water machine to ionize your ordinary water to become alkaline water. 

What are the benefits of Alkaline Water? 

According to previous users, alkaline water helps them to;

  • Improve the immunity of the individuals that drink it 
  • Help them to stay hydrated 
  • Revitalizing the body 
  • Aiding the body to function in its healthiest state 

How does the machine work? 

We should know about the machine before we think of Kangen water filter replacement. Well, the machine employs electrolysis to change water from neutrality to become alkaline. As an alkaline machine, it has a mesh that helps to eliminate the contaminant. No doubt, the machine is medically approved, but it can break down like other mechanical devices due to improper use, malfunction, or lack of enough maintenance. 

Maintaining the machine before Kangen water filter replacement 

So far, you would agree that the filter or mesh of the machine plays a critical role. However, you can carry out the following processes to prevent Kangen water filter replacement; 

  1. Proper cleaning of the machine 

Ensuring your Kangen water machine is in the right state begins with cleaning. Follow the process below for effective cleaning;

  • Remove the machine from any power source 
  • You can clean cartridges with a pack of citric acid powder 
  • Remove the compartment where the filter is and separate the filter from it 
  • Instead, replace the water filter with a clean cartridge 
  • Fill in compartments to allow its hoses to be filled with water 
  • Use the faucet at this point and turn it off (you can repeat actions once or twice) 
  • Allow the water to run out and remove the filter cartridge. Clean it and store it properly in case of another time 
  • Put the filter back in and close every compartment 
  1. Kangen water filter replacement 

The process above is different from Kangen water filter replacement because you can repeat the previous one. In addition, you can carry out the process every two weeks. Nevertheless, you may need to take things a step further by using a professional. 

However, if you want to carry out the process of Kangen water filter replacement yourself, follow the steps below;

  • Remove the filter’s compartment on the left side.
  • Adjust the knob to the left 
  • Disconnect the filter
  • Be sure there are no breaks or dents with the new filter.                        
  • Ensure its O-rings rubber is properly connected. Their function is to prevent leakages.
  • adjust the holes at the bottom 
  • adjust the knob to the right to be in the proper position
  • reset the machine to make it go back to normal
  • Fit in the filter compartment and put the faucet on.
  • Test the machine before going ahead to use it 

It’s advisable to get your Kangen water filter replacement done by a professional, at least until you’ve learnt to do it yourself.                                                                

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