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Online Healing Services, the Evolution of Therapies

Online healing services are the evolution of a medical trend that began with the recognition of Holistic medicine, mainly from the East, in a national US medical conference in 1975. This search for alternative cures to illness was also influenced by the awareness of recorded cases of modern miraculous and spontaneous healing. With the revolution of the Information Age and the rise of video-link online applications, this fusion of a medical tradition that bases most of its belief on energetic systems in the body, with hard-wired technology that traverses huge distances to unite people around the globe in personal communication, arrived at online healing services today.

Do Online Healing Services Work?

There are two types of online healing services that can heal the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit:

  • Faith-based healing relying mainly on prayer
  • Holistic healing instruction using the idea of human resonance

The first method perhaps arose from the evangelical television shows and even other non-evangelical Christian television programs whereby the minister prays for the healing of all the viewers while they are watching the show, or even presents communion for viewers to follow while watching the segment. The online healing services using faith-based methods will usually ask for a donation but if arranged properly with a reputable church, may still conduct a session with a member or lay-person across using an internet video link-up. Counselling and prayer are the two parts to these type of sessions, and as for an equivalent to the ‘laying on of hands” to cure physical illness that often occurs in face-to-face sermons, the minister may rely on using gestures and asking the viewer to assume a prayer position either standing or sitting, and then pray aloud.

Woman getting online healing services

Holistic instruction for online healing services branches into several different disciplines already recognized and proven for health benefits including Ayurveda and Yoga; or Tai Chi, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Once again, a practitioner will conduct a session with the viewer, but often it is based on the type of formal consultation found in a holistic clinic and is paid for online.

The differences in Holistic based online healing compared to face-to-face encounters is that the distances covered with this type of telehealth is supposedly bridged by the idea of human resonance and the belief in an unseen universal energy called chi in China, and prana in India, Pneuma in ancient Greece, and many other names found in the older cultures of the world.

Can Physical Healing Occur Over Distance Using Online Healing Services?

If the practitioner of the online healing service has sufficient knowledge and abundant energy in his body, human resonance between his body and the client who is online, and could be anywhere in the world, is achieved by the fact that every human being and animal is connected to every other human and animal by the very ground we walk upon. This is a revolutionary concept that has its roots in the idea of Quantum Consciousness which is a new theory bringing together the concepts of holistic learning with Physics and its theories.

The ground connects the online healing services practitioner with his client wherever he or she may be, and the universal energy that is everywhere conducts healing energy like electricity from the internet therapist to the online patient. Perhaps the idea is very innovative, but it explains cases of healing that occur when the Christian saints prayed for disciples to be healed, or certain eastern gurus could heal followers over vast distances without having to travel to meet them.

When do I need Online Healing Services?

If you are ill, and there is a holistic or faith based therapist you believe can help you, but he or she is too far away to travel to, why don’t you check out if he or she has video-link up therapy sessions. You could gain great benefit and become an advocate for online healing services.

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