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Beanie Boo

The Beanie Boo Boom?How To Recreate The 90’s Trends

We all remember the wildfire trends of the 90’s, how a single toy brand would take the world by storm and become on the tip of societies tongue. The beanie boo could very well become this generation’s cabbage patch kid, the company is already adjusting itself to fit into the internet age and branch out into the wider world. Today, we will explore how it started and where they’re going from here.

The Riotous 90’s

Before Beanie Boo, there were the Furby’s, the Cabbage Patch Kids and the Troll Dolls, just to name a few. It was the advent of the pre-internet era, where news coverage and wild crowds would permeate every toy store in existence to get their hands on the latest and greatest toy trend.

This would go on to become infamously depicted in several films and punchlines of tv shows to much comedic effect. This saw toy companies who were a part of it become obscenely successful during these years, seeing incredible sales and their branding across every article and billboard for most major cities.

The Beanie Boo has a much more diverse plain to cross to survive, with the advancement of technology and the invariable split of the market across the world and the rise in online shopping. They have a challenge ahead of them, without a doubt. However as we will observe, they’re adapting and learning from their predecessors to survive the digital age, and become a trend of their very own.

Being More Than ‘Just’ A Beanie Boo

A pair of Ty Beanie Boos

The Beanie Boo has all the hallmarks of nostalgia, individually named and infinitely cute, these plush toys have already made a name for themselves across toy stores and targeted retailers. Not to be left behind like the trends of old, they’ve had a look at the market and decided to diversify their offerings, allowing their brand to spread across more than the plush toy variety on offer.

The masterminds behind Beanie Boo have branched out into accessories and useful items brandishing the same cuteness that made the Beanie Boo famous in the first place. Releasing backpacks, keychains and even purses to entice and allow their name to grow in the competitive toy industry.

The utilising of the online space has worked to their advantage as well, allowing certain online stores to have exclusivity for certain releases of particular lines which leads to more consumer demand in the long run. Ever keeping their finger in the wind, the makers of Beanie Boo have also released timely products that are relevant and have the marketing written all over them, releasing a face mask adorned with the characters of their product lines.

The Collectable Of The Future?

Seeing the meteoric rise in Beanie Boo in the collective conversation is just one way to know that in the future, they have the potential to be in the same camp as Pokémon Cards and Cabbage Patch Kids.

These are very collectible since they are individualised and at times quite rare for specific releases. Given the fact that every Beanie Boo has a name and style that is synonymous with collections and completion, there’s no reason not to believe that these smartly marketed toy varieties are going to become the new trend of the 20’s.

Now that they are partnering with larger brands to release special editions that are only available at certain online or brick and mortar stores, it’s a carrot for the collectors around the world who see the inherent value in the Beanie Boo. 

Maybe it’s time I start my collection.

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