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What Services Do Sydney Family Lawyers Provide?

There are various solicitors in New South Wales and wider Australia who can provide services for clients who are currently overseas. At this stage, you’re probably wondering what Sydney family lawyers do, and how their services differ from conventional, domestic solicitors. Well, these barristers specialise in providing legal assistance on matters where assets are spread across national boundaries or children are living overseas. Naturally, this can complicate a divorce procedure. So, if you think you might need Sydney family lawyers, make sure you read on.


Overseas property settlements

A financial property settlement can be complicated if you have assets outside of Australia or if you have earned income outside of the Australian economy. Therefore, you need qualified Sydney family lawyers, who can provide sound legal advice regarding various foreign rules and customs.

Your solicitors will guarantee high quality services, while ascertaining that both parties receive a fair and adequate portion of all assets, both domestic and abroad. Likewise, your legal team will work to adjust any financial dispersions, taking into consideration any projected financial needs in the future.


Special financial rules

Australian courts have a general power to make any relevant property adjustment orders in relation to foreign assets. However, with this comes taxation and execution issues. Nonetheless, your team of Sydney family lawyers will ensure that all relevant procedures are followed and that all documents are filed with the court well in advance.

For example; there are some tricky rules regarding splitting Australian superannuation entitlements with an overseas bank. Firstly, you will need an Australian court order to organise a superannuation split and a UK-based court order to verify the super. Naturally, you will want a reliable and professional team of Sydney family lawyers to guarantee that your tax obligations are minimized as much as possible and that your superannuation is split equitably and in accordance to the agreement.


Child custody arrangements

child custody

Even though divorce rates are falling, the breakdown of families still occur, and child custody arrangements need to be fair and transparent. On top of this, child custody arrangements can be difficult to reach, particularly if one parent or guardian is living outside of Australia. However, the experience of Sydney family lawyers will ensure that your case progresses quickly and smoothly, even with complicating factors. Your legal team will ensure that an adequate financial arrangement is met, one which is fair for both parties, and more importantly, the children involved.


Seeking access to a child overseas

If your child resides predominantly with your ex-partner overseas, it is still very important that you maintain contact with the child. Children from single-parent household often register lower results in school and can have trouble socialising in some areas, primarily due to a lack of confidence. Your team of Sydney family lawyers can ensure that you have some form of access to your child or children, even when separated by national boundaries. This can occur via email, phone, video call or in person.


The Hague Convention

The Hague Convention came into effect in Australia on 1 August 2003. It stipulates various measures designed to ensure the protection of children both in Australia and, more particularly, in a foreign context. Sydney family lawyers are required to be well-versed in the legislation and how it can be applied to specific cases.

The convention assists with determining which country is responsible for the protection of the child and which legal jurisdiction is relevant to the case. The legislation covers any changes to parental responsibility, custody rights, rights of access to the children and any relevant institutional care. The convention also helps with foreign abduction cases or returning children to Australia.




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