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What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Balloons

Do you have an upcoming party that you need to start organizing? Perhaps you’re a little behind schedule and things need to start moving. Regardless of what the event actually is, whether it is a family dinner party, a child’s birthday party or the annual corporate Christmas drinks, there is always a place for custom printed balloons. In fact, some inflatables are some of the best additions to any type of party. On top of that, there are many great benefits associated with a delivery of custom printed balloons. So, if you are currently organizing a party, whether it is small or big is incidental – make sure you read through this checklist on selecting your party inflatables.


You need to know what your theme is

Before you order a delivery of inflatables, you need to be sure about which style you actually want. Do you want something understated? Or something really vivid and over the top? A child’s birthday party will probably require the latter – so be prepared for some funky images and characters to be stamped on some custom printed balloons.

Some really simple and understated accessories would best suit an office party. If it’s Christmas themed, consider some custom printed balloons with Christmas trees or Santa images, helping everyone get into the festive spirit!


They improve the party’s aesthetic


Your chosen inflatables can add a lot to the overall vibe of the party. A party without any accessories or music is probably going to die down early and be pretty dull for most of the night. You can avoid this, however, with some quality music choices and some nifty custom printed balloons.

Indeed, there are so many creative ways you can arrange your inflatables to underpin the party vibe and keep everyone excited. Consider placing your inflatables into a series of columns or pillars, which can be placed along the walls of the hosting venue. You could place them near the entrance to form a makeshift archway, signifying the party’s entrance.


There are environmentally friendly options

You might think that a delivery of custom printed balloons will spark up your party, albeit at the expense of the environment. However, this is not the case. In fact, there are many retailers and manufacturers that provide environmentally friendly, biodegradable latex options. This means their impact on the environment is minimal, particularly when they are disposed in landfills. It’s really important that you look for “green” inflatable options, since they have been linked to declining natural habitats in the past, especially marine life.


They can be used as a marketing tool

You might be thinking that custom printed balloons are solely for decoration. However, this is not the case. In fact, they can be used as a really cool and subtle marketing touchpoint – perfect for any upcoming corporate networking events. If you’re hosting a networking event, be sure to order some inflatables with the business’ logo stamped onto the surface. What you are doing is improving your brand’s visibility within the public sphere. Increasing your brand’s exposure gives your business an opportunity to enhance sales and build a strong, loyal customer base.


Look for high quality

You don’t want to settle for second best. You want the best quality latex and materials for your custom printed balloons delivery. Look for businesses that use the ‘impress’ method of image stamping, as this is generally using the most effective process. This will ensure that your inflatables remain durable and strong throughout the entirety of the event. You don’t want your images fading or peeling before the party is over!



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