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football players clashing

What You Should Learn About the Australian Football

Have you watched AFL news and ever thought of understanding on how the Australian football is played? There are many rules that govern the way this game is played. If you want to become a professional player, then you need to read a lot as far as the rules of the game are concerned. There are a lot of aspects that this game has borrowed from other games like soccer and rugby. The field should be rectangular and its boundaries should be clearly marked by use of the white paint. The role of the boundary is to keep on informing the players on the area within which they need to play on.

The moment the ball slips out of the hands of the player and unfortunately gets out of the playing field, the opponents are awarded the ball for a restart. This means that this is one of the offences a team can commit. For this reason, the players of the game will strive so as not to allow the ball in possession to get out of the playing field. The ball is spherical and it resembles the one that is played during the rugby games. This article will inform you on important aspects of the Australian football that you need to understand;

Number of players

Just like any other game that you can think of, Australian football is restricted by the preset rules. These rules stipulates clearly on the number of players that are supposed to be presented by the team. Each team that plays this game is supposed to present eighteen players. All these players have special positions that they are supposed to occupy during the game. Each player needs to stick to the designated position that will allow them engage the opponents and try to take the ball from them. If they are playing using a specific technique, they are supposed to coordinate and make sure that they pass the ball to each other and eventually make sure that they pass the ball across the line that is marked between the two goal posts. The moment a team scores a goal; the goal earns the team six points. The more goals or points the team gathers than the opponent makes the team the winner.

The ball

Australian football ball is spherical or oval in shape. It is just a replica of the one that is played during the rugby games. The ball ought to be colored for perfect visibility. There are restrictions on the amount of pressure that should be inflated into the ball. This makes sure that the ball is standard for the purposes of achieving the objectives of the game. If all these conditions are not taken into consideration, you can be pretty sure that there would be a number of technicalities that are likely to emerge from the game. This is one of the aspects the umpires need to check before they restart the game. If a ball has a problem, then it needs to be changed.

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