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jade in New Zealand

Where Value Really Lies With Jade Products From New Zealand

Customers who are in the market for jade products from New Zealand will be delighted with what they find. Local suppliers in this region are renowned for their craftsmanship and innovation.

These goods have been tied culturally to Maori tribes for generations. The item symbolises a number of traits from wealth and love to nurture, tranquility, purity, and serenity.

While jade products from New Zealand carry a lot of value on a monetary and sentimental level, constituents should look out for certain features that help them to identify genuine quality when they see it.

We will outline where the real value lies with these brands discovered on the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Buying Trusted Jade Brands Only

Knock-off jade products from New Zealand are fairly rare events. With that being said, there are some dubious outlets who will try to pass off these goods as the real thing. The check can be made with the clarity of the item, its transparency under light conditions and whether or not the supplier comes highly recommended and credentialled. These checks can be run online as any comments or red flags will be signalled via social media sites, search engine results and jade seller apps.

Finding a Product That Speaks to The Customer

From stones and necklaces to earrings, pendants, rollers, rings, carvings, bracelets, chains, knives and plates, jade products from New Zealand will come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. So where does the real value lie? That is an answer that only individual consumers can really make. What do they need in their home? What do they want to wear for events and special occasions? Participants who walk into stores and scan online sellers will see how far these outlets are willing to go to customise jade collections.

Transparency of the Surface

Jade products from New Zealand are made to be soft and smooth, a feature that is infamous with the gemstone cut. This can lead some to the misconception that they are vulnerable and lack durability. This could not be further from the case. Genuine jade cuts won’t scratch and will remain at a cool temperature level. Shoppers should see how these items shine under different light conditions and if the surface showcases these stunning features.

Customising a Suitable Colour

Constituents will often come across jade products from New Zealand that is every shade of green. This is the colour that the cut is synonymous with. Having said that, there are designers from across the Land of the Long White Cloud that will arrange them with different colour schemes.

This will include tones of:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Orange

Participants who want residual value with jade products from New Zealand will pinpoint a color scheme that appeals to them.

Being Comfortable With The Product Weight

Given the properties and value of a jade gemstone, these items happen to be heavier than the average item. This is especially the case for members who are purchasing a necklace, a bracelet, or a set of earrings where that extra weight can really take a toll after a number of days use. In this context, it is worthwhile picking up the collection in-store and getting an up-close-and-personal feel for the carving before deciding if it is workable.

Men and women who want to cash in on quality jade products from New Zealand will take into account these factors as they make their decision. If something appeals straight away, it is important to have an up-close-and-personal feel of the brand. Once they have gone through that process, they will cherish the investment for the long-term.

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