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NDIS Specialist preparing a plan management

Why Plan Management Is Overlooked and Undervalued In The Realm Of The NDIS

Effective and trustworthy plan management in the realm of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is not only wise, but also essential. This is not a simple or easy statement to cover all on its own of course, plan management is a vital aspect for any meaningful coverage program, however, in the world of the NDIS, it seems to be especially undervalued and underappreciated.

There are many clients that elect to go off on their own when it comes to their coverage – believing that the process is straightforward and without issue or error. While this is a laudable attitude, there is a great number of reasons that plan management exists, and whether it is done by a professional, there needs to be some credence given to its purpose and intent.

Plan management is the summation of different aspects of an NDIS client’s coverage and applicable attributes for the case which can include the overall goals of the scheme, details about the levels of coverage that can be offered, as well as some of the more pressing informational breakdowns about the client themselves.

All surmised into an easily digestible and approachable format where a decent plan management provider will be able to ensure that these overall goals are fulfilled, and the principal needs of the client are consistently being met.

Breaking Down The Plan Management Process

To make it a little more digestible and traceable, let’s have a quick look at some of the processes and main points that are covered in a standardized plan management approach to the NDIS.

The Prep

NDIS Office

Before the meeting even begins with the NDIS representative, there will be a few things to do on your end of the spectrum. First and foremost is the collation and understanding of current coverage and support systems you have before the NDIS comes into play.

This will be vital for the meeting you’ll be having to discuss your potential coverage, as well as the plan management rhetoric you’ll be adopting once the meeting is complete. There are booklets available through the official NDIS website that allow you to effectively research and prepare accordingly.

This will also conclude with you bringing all available reports and previous assessments you may have had that can have an impact on the case at hand.

The Meeting

The meeting will typically be conducted over the phone or in person depending on the circumstances of your case. It’s in this meeting that there can be real and establishing conversation and effective informational gathering that will have a massive impact on the way the overall coverage will manifest itself.

Discussion of overall goals and costs will also occur at this time, with questions surrounding the current level of coverage, ambition for the NDIS’ impact on your own life, as well as goals relating to the intention of employment, unfinished business, and/or tasks that you wish could be achievable and could be with the help of the NDIS and effective plan management.   

Receiving & Instigating

After the meeting, you’ll likely receive a resulting approved NDIS action that will detail the level of coverage and what the next steps are. If you’ve elected to go with a plan management institution, your representative will be able to help you cover all the bases effectively and get you on your way towards your goals and ambitions with your newfound coverage.

Hiring the right people for NDIS plan management is true, half the battle when it comes to dealing with the NDIS. However, whatever fees may present whilst in the process is well worth it in the long run.  


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