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Your Complete Guide to Paella Catering in Sydney

Paella catering in Sydney capitalizes on the global success of the traditional Spanish dish by bringing its authentic, delicious flavours to the people. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on some of this culinary goodness.


Origins of the dish

The rice-based cuisine was birthed in the region of Valencia on the East coast of Spain after the 15th century, where it was cooked in the open air using water vole. Over time, eating habits evolved, and Valencians started to add alternative ingredients such as duck, rabbit, butter beans and saffron. While the dish is commonly considered to be traditionally a meat-based dish, a fish-based variation emerged soon after and boomed in popularity.


Signs of a great dish

Here are some things that you’ll notice in above-average Paella Catering in Sydney:


It’s been made over an open wood fire

Cooking the food over a wood fire is possibly the best way to make an authentic and delicious dish. The wood fire infuses the meal with a smoky taste and helps the rice become toasted and crispy on the bottom.

High-quality, natural ingredients

Paella catering in Sydney which uses locally-grown, natural and fresh ingredients should be your top choice. High-quality ingredients are not only better for your health and the environment, but they taste better, too! You can tell if food is fresh by its firmness and flavour intensity.

The seasoning is on point

One of the most important parts of a great dish is the seasoning that is used. Give cheap, processed alternatives like colorante a pass – not only do they taste mediocre, but they don’t offer the amazing health benefits that herbs and spices do. Dishes which incorporate classic, smoky, fragrant flavours like paprika, rosemary and saffron are the way to go.


How it is prepared

The name of the dish comes from the pan that is used to create it. The large (often massive), round pan traditionally has a convex base, which helps to prepare the sofrito mixture (tomato, onion, spices and oil). The sofrito is considered essential in the making of quality paella catering in Sydney as it gives the dish its rich flavour base. Its exact ingredients vary depending on the maker and region, with some chefs including garlic and other ingredients.

Once the sofrito is ready, short-grain rice is then added to the pan and toasted for extra flavour. Short-grain rice is chosen above other variations due to its ability to absorb liquid whilst retaining firmness (thereby not becoming mushy in the cooking process). The stock is then added, followed by any meat or seafood and vegetables. Once it’s cooked, it’s best served in the pan and eaten straight away.

You can tell if paella catering in Sydney is top-grade by the depth of the rice in the pan. A shallow depth is a good sign as the rice closest to the pan tends to absorb the most flavour. And if well done, it also forms the coveted socarrat – a crispy layer of rice on the base. This is achieved by raising the heat during the last stages of the cooking process in order to toast the rice – ideally without burning it.


How it is eaten

After hours of chopping and cooking in the kitchen comes the long-awaited moment: eating the dish. Paella catering in Sydney is made to be thoroughly enjoyed in the company of others. It is a dish made for sharing and uniting people. The moment where everyone gets ready to tuck in with a smile on their face is possibly the most important component of a great dish.


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